Rebel News

Rebel News (also known as Rebel Media) was founded in February of 2015 by CEO and owner, Ezra Levant. 

Rebel News is dedicated to telling the side of the story traditional news media isn’t willing to touch. Willing to follow the facts wherever they may go, Rebel News fearlessly approaches topics that conflict with the official narrative of the establishment. 

While other news institutions feign impartiality, we know the truth: mainstream media performs like political parties only out for their own interest with an unwillingness to discuss anything outside of their narrative. While they’re not open to admitting to their own political biases, they also pretend to be “neutral” sources of news. 

Rebel News fearlessly takes on this growing “Media Party.” Rebel News tells stories as they are, willingly examining the world from a different perspective without ever holding back. Here, you get a side of the news that you won’t get anywhere else – because, at Rebel News, we value the truth over appealing to the establishment. 

Rebel News upholds truthful reporting by refusing to take a dime from the government. Instead, we rely on the support of our reviewers to crowdfund our independent journalism. While it’s admittedly more difficult to run a company this way, it allows us to be free from editorial interference and provide news as we see fit. 

Unlike other news media, we’re open about our worldview being generally conservative. At Rebel News, we believe in freedom, freedom of speech, and judging individuals on who they are, not by any other means. We do not judge based on colour, religion, sexuality, or even where you are from – it’s your actions and morality that matter to us. 

Rebel News champions freedom of speech for ourselves and even those who oppose us. Unlike the hypocritical nature of the establishment, we believe freedom of speech is a right of all people, everywhere. Every idea is open to criticism and debate, regardless of what the idea is. Rebel News isn’t afraid to stand up for people forsaken by the establishment. 

Rebel News has real power and reach to challenge the views of other mainstream media, and we aren’t afraid to do so either. With our supporters at our backs, we are capable of anything.